Bart Bogaerts

Dr. Bart Bogaerts

Associate Professor

ERC Consolidator Grant CertiFOX

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Moving to KU Leuven! In October 2024 I will join the DTAI lab of KU Leuven.

Personal Profile

I am an associate professor in the AI lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). My research interests are spread throughout the field of knowledge representation. They range from high-level representation languages to performance optimisations in SAT, from abstract, algebraical frameworks to unify semantics of logics to implementation of knowledge base systems, from applications of KR to integration of declarative problem solving paradigms,... Before joining the VUB, I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Declarative Languages and Systems Group of the KU Leuven. There, I was one of the developers of the IDP Framework, a knowledge base system for FO(·).



Associate professor

October 2023 - ...

AI lab of the VUB

Assistant professor

October 2018 - September 2023

AI lab of the VUB

Postdoctoral researcher


KRR group of the KU Leuven

Self-employed as secondary activity

2009 - 2011

Tutoring in mathematics, physics and informatics.


Selected Talks

Combinatorial Solving with Provably Correct Results ppt ytb

November 29, 2022, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Virtual)

MIAO Seminar

A framework for step-wise explaining how to solve constraint satisfaction problems ppt ytb

April 24, 2021, Simons Institute, UC Berkeley, California, USA

Beyond Satisfiability Workshop

Approximation Fixpoint Theory and its Application to Knowledge Representation ppt

Januari 15, 2019, Leipzig, Germany.

Leipzig University

Propagators and Solvers for the Algebra of Modular Systems ppt

October 17, 2016, New York, USA.

International Workshop on Logic and Search (Lash 2016)

Lazy Model Expansion: Interleaving Grounding with Search ppt

July 18, 2014, Vienna, Austria.

International Workshop on Logic and Search (Lash 2014)

Awards and Prices

2016 QBFEval

Prenex CNF: Second place

2016 SAT Competition

No Limits Track: First place

2013 SAT Competition

Core Solvers, Sequential, Hard-combinatorial SAT+UNSAT: First place
Core Solvers, Sequential, Hard-combinatorial SAT: Third place

PhD Students

Maxime Jakubowski

May 2024, Joint PhD UHasselt-VUB

Shapes Constraint Language: Formalization, Expressiveness, and Provenance pdf

Emilio Gamba

May 2024, Joint PhD UHasselt-VUB

Step-Wise Explanations for Constraint Solving pdf

Simon Marynissen

January 2022, Joint PhD KU Leuven-VUB

Advances in Justification Theory pdf


I have (co)-authored the following software: ZebraTutor, IDP3, MinisatID, BreakID, so2grounder, SmsControl.