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I'm hiring a job student to develop a web app, get more info here!

Job Student for Web Development (Full Stack)

Job Description

I am looking for a job student to develop an interactive web application. The goal is to extend our ZebraTutor Demo with interactive capabilities. This includes:

  • making the puzzle playable "live" (users can solve it on the fly)
  • including buttons so that the user can ask for help (which is the next best clue to be used?), check correctness, visualize mistakes, ... Translating these requests into json to be sent to the back-end
  • setting up the back-end server that translates the requests to a call to the underlying solver (the actual solver methods will be provided)
  • setting up communication between front-end and back-end

The expectation is that this works takes 15-20 full working days. Work can be spread flexibly, in agreement, but the application should be finished at the latest July 12th.


You will be reimbursed according to the standard baremas for job students at the VUB.


You have experience in web development in js frameworks. VUB students are preferred over external students.

How to apply

To apply, send an e-mail with a short description of relevant experience to

Further information

For any inquiries, please contact
Bart Bogaerts, Assistant Professor